ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro 1.8.91

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ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro 1.8.91

ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro 1.8.91
Win App | 5.0mb | RS.COM

ArGoSoft Mail Server is fully functional SMTP/POP3/Finger server which will let you turn your computer into an email system. It's very compact, takes about 1-5 Mb of disk space, does not have any specific memory requirements, and what is the most important - it's very easy to use.

Pro features:
Supports IMAP (version with IMAP module)
Has true support of multiple domains - you can create accounts with the same name, which belong to different domains
Supports multiple IP homes (virtual domains;
Has built in mailing list server;
Has WAP interface;
Allows setup of domain administrators - users who can change domain related information via the Web interface;
Filtering of mail according to IP addresses of server which attempts to relay mail to local users;
ORDB and MAPS support;
Easier specification of IP addresses, which do not require SMTP authentication. Instead of listing addresses, you can specify ranges and masks;
Supports Server Extensions - special external dlls, which can be plugged into the server, and process mail the way the creator of dlls prefers
Ability to verify addresses of senders of arrived messages
Has built in utilities for diagnosing local or remote domains, allows browsing of user mailboxes;
Allows to temporarily disable or enable users, and domain administrators

Product Requirements:
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:

Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 98