Article Organizer (PHP/MySQL Script)

Posted By: quil__23

Article Organizer (PHP/MySQL Script)

Here is what the Article Organizer does: Easy to install. This was my first criteria. I know (as does everyone who knows me) what a mental block I have when it comes to installing scripts. It has its own installer provided. Even I can install this one! Login and Session protected Administrator (Owner) Panel. The Administration Panel is browser based so you can access it from any computer.

Allows you to have "Last Added" article headlines appear on the Home page of your website - any number from top 5 to top 10 (or however many you want).

Search Engine (keyword) optimized. Keywords are added to each article so that article will be optimized as soon as it is approved for submission.

Full installation/users documentation provided. Nothing is taken for granted - suitable for a complete "newbie" webmaster.

You can install on as many websites as you wish! You will find if you do some research, that most scripts only allow installation on one website