SkinCrafter Installer v2.61

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SkinCrafter Installer v2.61

SkinCrafter Installer v2.61
4.3mb | rar | portable

SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool for skinning of install packages created with MSI installer. Using SkinCrafter Installer you can skin M'zoft Windows Installer setup packages, creating your own unique style and skinned interface with minimum efforts. SkinCrafter Installer is specially developed and styled for the tastes of those who value individuality, who aspire to express their personality and enjoy being different. This application combines extreme simplicity, great functionality and visual attractiveness.
SkinCrafter Installer uses SkinCrafter engine for skins implementation and change your installer interface in the same way as SkinCrafter does it. We encourage you to try changing your installation program with SkinCrafter Installer!

How does it work?

* Input file name of Install package you want to skin in "MSI File Name" field.
* Choose a skin name you'd like to use in "Skin File Name" field.
* Choose an icon name for your output file in "Icon File Name" field or leave blank for the

default icon.
* Define a new name of this file with .exe extension or leave the same as input name in

"Save as" field.
* Click on "Create" button.

Now you have modified Install package for your application, including the Installer program and the skin chosen. When you start resulted .exe file your Installer program is launched with already skinned interface.