Steganography 1.6.5

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Steganography 1.6.5

Steganography 1.6.5
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How to send a secret file or message to your close friends?
How to make your secret photos, videos or messages invisible for unwanted people?

Steganography: an easy-to-use software to hide and encrypt your sensitive information within another file!

Make your secrets invisible in just 3 quick steps!

This steganography software enables you to hide and encrypt files within other files (carriers) such as picture or sound files. This allows you to encrypt sensitive information, while at the same time hiding it in a file that will not look suspicious, so nobody even knows that there is any encrypted information.

With Steganography,

- You don’t need to be afraid that someone else can see your sensitive and secret data stored on your computer any more.

- You don’t need to worry about that your company finds out what you send outside.

- You don’t need to be afraid that hackers or unwanted people can penetrate your system and find your valuable information.

- You can send a secure email to your close friends or partners that no one else can read or access it.