Ashampoo AntiSpyWare v1.61

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Ashampoo AntiSpyWare protects you comprehensively against the full spectrum of new malware (malicious software) threats that you are exposed to on the Internet. It does this with advanced new technology and backs it up with an additional suite of security tools.

Windows® is the world’s most popular operating system. Not just with users but also with the bad guys – hackers, spammers, spies, virus programmers, phishers, identity thieves, scummy advertisers and untold thousands of others. If you’re connected to the Internet these lowlifes can and will try to access your computer to steal your data and your money, install offensive advertising or just cause damage for the malicious heck of it.

Some of the things these “black hats” do are just annoying, like advertising popups that just won’t go away. Others are more serious, like stealing your credit card number or turning your computer into “zombie machine” and using it to send spam or attack other computers without your knowledge. Modern computers are so powerful that this can be going on in the background while you’re working or playing and you won’t even notice it.

You need protection that does the work for you
Today, running a Windows® computer without protection against malware (malicious software) is like leaving a wallet full of money on a busy street. You need protection. And since you want to use your computer, you need protection that does the work for you.

Ashampoo AntiSpyWare doesn’t just provides comprehensive protection. Once you’ve set it up it does all the work for you. It’s like having a personal computer bodyguard who’s always there to fight off attacks. Even the regular updates with information about new threats can be fully automated.

Viruses were yesterday. New threats need new solutions.
Most people still think that viruses are the only threats to their computers. But the bad guys have learned new tricks. There are now many new kinds of malware (malicious software) that work in new and different ways. Many traditional virus scanners handle these threats poorly or not at all.

Ashampoo AntiSpyWare combats all these new threats for you, including hijackers, dialers, spyware, worms, adware, Trojans, key loggers and even rootkits.

Known and unknown enemies stop here
For maximum protection Ashampoo AntiSpyware can update the spyware “signatures” it uses to identify known threats every day. You can set this to be done automatically and the program comes with a full year of free daily updates.

In addition to known threats the program’s advanced heuristic analysis can also identify unknown malware by its behavior and block it before it does any damage. That’s what we mean when we say complete protection.

Protection and more – a complete suite of security tools
It wasn’t enough for us to provide the best protection we could give you against spyware, adware, Trojans, rootkits and more. We have also included a complete suite of security tools that helps you to keep your system clean and safe.
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AutoStart Manager:Both regular programs and malicious programs often configure themselves to start automatically with Windows®. This can be both annoying and dangerous. This tool shows all auto-starting programs and enables you to disable them.System Processes
Manager:Shows you all the processes running on your system and enables you to stop them. Useful for identifying and killing rogue programs.Internet Cleaner:Wipes all traces of your surfing activity from your computer to protect your privacy.File Wiper:Deletes files and folders permanently, so that not even data recovery labs can find them.IP Spam Blocker:Prevents annoying popup spam on the desktop that is sent using the Windows® messaging service (not to be confused with the Windows® Messenger instant messaging program).Rootkit Detector:Identifies the presence of the dangerous new system-level rootkits used to hide malicious programs completely.
Protection against all these threats!
Want to know what sort of nasties are floating around on the Web today, just waiting to do their dastardly stuff on your machine? Here are the new threats that Ashampoo AntiSpyWare protections you against:

Spyware:Spyware often gets installed together with “regular” software by irresponsible companies that think they can get away with it. Other spyware is installed by hackers. It collects and transmits information about you for advertising, marketing or even criminal purposes.Adware:Adware displays advertising. All over the place. Being infested with adware is like having lice in your computer, it’s annoying all the time and really difficult to get rid of.Hijackers:These pests hijack your browser, displaying web pages that you don’t want to see and installing annoying “advertising bars” in your browser. Tracking cookies:Cookies are generally harmless, but these ones can track everything you do on the net and report it to advertisers or worse.Hidden dialers:These evil programs can cost you thousands of dollars by making you access the Internet via a premium-rate number instead of your regular provider.Worms:The program prevents malicious software from distributing email in your name with viruses and other malware in attachments. Key loggers:How do you feel about programs that record and transmit every keystroke you make, with all your personal secrets and credit card details? Not nice? Not nice! So get rid of them!Trojan horses:A Trojan Horse or “Trojan” is a hidden program that doesn’t do any damage directly. But it enables hackers to control your computer over the Internet and do practically anything they want – activate your webcam, send spam, distribute porn, attack other computers, use your banking software…all in your name.Rootkits:Rootkits are the latest threat, and one of the worst. They can hide Trojans, spyware, adware and viruses completely, making them invisible even to virus scanners. Ashampoo AntiSpyware can even identify this extremely dangerous new breed of malware.
Features at a glance

Features and tools:

Comprehensive protection: Guards you against hijackers, dialers, spyware, worms, adware, Trojans, key loggers and even rootkits
Set it and forget it: Activate the AntiSpyware Guard and automatic updates and relax in the knowledge that you are well protected round the clock
Automatic cleaner and real-time monitoring of the entire system
Daily signature updates: Daily updates of the “signatures” for identifying known threats for maximum safety
Protection against unknown threats: Advanced heuristic analysis identifies and blocks unknown threats on the basis of their behavior
Quarantine: Put suspicious files in quarantine to protect yourself without having to delete them completely – they may be harmless
Multilingual user interface: Run the program in your own language
Rootkit Detector: Can identify the highly-dangerous new “rootkits” that can even hide malicious software from virus scanners
AutoStart Manager: Identify and disable unwanted auto-starting programs
System Processes Monitor: Check running processes and stop them if necessary
Internet Cleaner: Delete all traces of your surfing trail
File Wiper: Permanently delete files and folders
IP Spam Blocker: Stop annoying popup spam on your desktop
Technology highlights for the experts:

Heuristic analysis: Advanced new algorithms for identifying unknown threats by their behavior
Memory scan: Detects and blocks active threats
Kernel-level protection: Ensures fully gapless monitoring
Full system scanning: Scans and cleans the Windows® registry as well as files and system areas
Patch proof: Strong signatures prevent malicious patching attempts
Archive scanning: Scans files packed and hidden in compressed archives
DLL Trojans: Secure detection and deletion of DLL Trojans
Crypters and binders: Identifies malware cloaked with crypters and binders