Astra Image v2.5MAX

Posted By: quil__23

Astra Image is an image processing, restoration and visualisation program for PCs. It can perform many simple and advanced functions that improve and analyse your digital images.

Astra Image has many advanced functions. Some examples: maximum entropy deconvolution. This function can be used to increase detail and minimise defects in an image. Three-dimensional visualisation can be used to give you a new view ofyour data. Photometry can be used to measure the brightness of stars. Multiple image combine can combine many images into a single image using a variety of mathematical operators.

What applications are people using Astra Image for?At the moment, Astra Image is used in medical imaging, solar imaging, astronomy, microscopy, satellite imagery and others. It is used by universities, companies, laboratories and individuals. Whilst professionals and scientists use Astra Image, you can also use it for every-day tasks too. For example, you could enhance your family photographs.

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