Astro22 Astrology Pro v7.05.56

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Astro22 Astrology Pro v7.05.56

Astro22 Astrology Pro ver. 7.05.56 | 8,69 Mb
Astro22 Computer Astrology Software

Astro22 V7 is an astrology program specifically designed to produce outstanding, detailed and colorful astrological presentation charts. Together with a comprehensive range of features that should please any discerning Astrologer. Of note is the animation feature that enables all graphic screens to be animated to a predefined time interval - this includes progressed wheels and triple chart display wheels.

From the casual student to the professional astrologer, all will enjoy the ease, accuracy, speed and general design of the program. The Astro22 astrology software has a distinct look and feel quite different from any other astrological program, with a personality all of it’s own. If you already have an interest in the subject of astrology then once you start using our astrology program you will spend many, many happy hours in front of your computer.




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