AT&T Natural Voices

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AT&T Natural Voices

Although the original post is not by me, I was searching on net for TTS 7.0 a long time. I got TTS 5.0, If someone has TTS 7.0 please post.

The AT&T Natural Voices TTS Engine is highly flexible and can pronounce words exactly the way you want it to. The engine includes language and voice-specific custom dictionaries that enable users to define the pronunciation of certain words. Users can also customize how the engine reads certain acronyms and abbreviations, and adjust the speaking rate, volume and voice. This technology is highly used in applications (such as e-books) where the most natural-sounding voices are critical to user acceptance.

Offerings from Wizzard Software include an AT&T Software Developers Kit (SDK) for internal development use and Licensed Runtime Packages for distribution with your product.
AT&T Natural Voices Desktop for Windows or Linux

• Single Computer Architecture
• Scalability (simultaneous channels) Single channel
• Design Goals Single computer with smaller memory requirements
• Memory 256MB
• 128MB (min)
• CPU 300 MHz
• Hard Drive Space 500 MB
• Windows NT, 2000, XP, +, Windows Server 2003
• Red Hat Linux, GCC Compiler Version 2.9, 3.0

Software Developers Kit (SDK) package includes:

• The speech engine
• One Voice Font of your choice from the Font Selection List
• SAPI 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, the SSML component of VoiceXML
• JSAPI interface standards, plus API do*****entation
• C++
• License designed for usage in an internal development environment

Price $295.00
Includes 4 hours technical support via email which is limited to "installation" and "how to" questions pertaining to the SDK only. Our average response time objective is one business day.
Price (per font) $50.00

Links1: ~30 MB each part, 450 MB total

Links2: ~50 MB each part, 450 MB total I haven't tested these 50MB links

Please give me a reply If you find it useful.