Atani ver.4.2.1

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Atani ver.4.2.1

Atani ver.4.2.1 | 1,45 MB

Create a professional animated gif (or avi) for 5 steps! Animations can be quickly assembled both from imported images (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, WMF, EMF) and from images that was created by using the embedded graphic editor. There are a few built-in tools: frame editor, creating of AVI or GIF via capture, tween and AVI viewer.
Key Features:

* Creating of AVI and animated GIF files.
* Built-in the frames editor.
* Preview.
* Testing of animated GIF with the help Internet Explorer.
* Converting an AVI file into animated GIF file.
* Saving only selected frames of an AVI file into animated GIF file or AVI file.
* A group saving the selected frames of an AVI file into BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG files.
* Changing of a codec for an AVI file.
* For making of frame is used the following file's formats: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, ICO, PNG, WMF.
* Creating the AVI and GIF files, you can:
o add frame(s) (there is the support of adding multiple files and drag and drop technic)
o insert frame(s) (there is the support of inserting multiple files and drag and drop technic)
o delete frame(s)
o refresh frame(s)
o change the frames order
o set the duration for every frame (animated GIF)
o set the image disposal for every frame
o apply more than 70 filters (antialias, spatial, twist, moire, sketch, sphere, water, wind, noise, marble, fish eye, rain drops, oil paint, ripple, shadow, gamma, greyscale, inverse, plasma, Gauss blur, puzzle, pixelate, texturized, tile, fractal, ribbon, watermark…)
o customize the color settings for every frame to reduce it size (animated GIF)
o add the frames with running text
o add the frames with alpha blending
o flip any frame
o clone any frame
o create the frame with simple or gradient fill
* Adding of a sound (for AVI).
* Creating of a GIF or AVI file via capturing by a user of a selected part of the Screen.
* Creating of an animated GIF with tween effect for 3 steps.
* Preview for every frame of AVI file with possibility of saving (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG).
* There is a support of hotkeys.
* The settings is stored into project file with the MCP extension.
* The MCP extension is registered in OS Windows that allow to load the project files in this program from Explorer by double click.
* etc.