Atlassian JIRA Enterprise v3.8.1

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Atlassian JIRA Enterprise v3.8.1

Atlassian JIRA Enterprise v3.8.1
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Tracking and managing the issues and bugs that emerge during a project is a critically important task, but one that few teams do effectively. JIRA is a bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management application developed to make this process easier for your team. JIRA has been designed with a focus on task achievement, is instantly usable and is flexible to work with.


* Manage bugs, features, tasks, improvements or any issue
* A clean and powerful user interface that is easy to understand for both business and technical users
* Map your business processes to custom workflows
* Track attachments, changes, components and versions
* Full text searching and powerful filtering (customisable, saveable, shareable and subscribeable!)
* Customisable dashboards and real-time statistics
* Enterprise permissioning and security
* Easily extended to and integrated with other systems (including email, RSS, Excel, XML and source control)
* Highly configurable notification options
* Runs on almost any hardware, OS and database platform
* Web service enabled for programmatic control (SOAP, XML-RPC and REST interfaces)
* and much more…

Operating System:
JIRA runs on any operating system that supports Java