AusLogics Visual Styler ver.

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AusLogics Visual Styler ver.

AusLogics Visual Styler ver. | 4,21 MB

Spice up your PC desktop with Visual Styler. Redesign some of the desktop icons or replace icons with one of our incredible icon packs.
This program will awaken your inner designer with the inspiring range of Windows XP themes and welcome screens.

Features Change Icons:

* You can replace about 80 system icons, including "Desktop", "My Computer" or even icons for WinZip, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel files;
* The program contains a powerful Package Editor, where you can create your own icon collections and even distribute them over the Internet;
* You can change the icon of any file and any folder, including items in the Start menu and the Favorites;

Unleash Visual Effects:

* Change the size and spacing of desktop icons and even remove the small arrow next to each icon;
* Show Windows version on the computer desktop and change wallpaper position;
* Change font smoothing, menu animation and enable smooth list scrolling;

Change Wallpaper:

* A simpler, faster way to change desktop wallpaper;
* Support for wallpaper packs, which can be downloaded from the Internet;
* Desktop wallpaper can be changed automatically each time you switch on your computer;

More XP Themes:

* Visual Styler will let you download and use thousands of XP themes from the Internet. Glossy, metallic, shiny or plastic looks for your PC desktop are just a few mouse clicks away;
* Unlike other programs, Visual Styler does not require any additional software and doesn't change any system files, so it's absolutely safe to use it;
* Many file formats are supported, just download the theme you like from the Internet - Visual Styler will set it up for you;

Boot and Logon Screens:

* With Visual Styler you can now change logon and boot screens - no more Windows logo when you switch on your computer, you can select what you want to see on the screen;
* Many logon screen and boot screen formats are supported - just download them from the Internet and Visual Styler will be able to use them;
* You will be able to see a small preview for every logon and boot screen you have installed;