Autodesk Toxik v1.0

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Autodesk Toxik v1.0

Autodesk Toxik v1.0 | 88.4MB

A revolutionary collaborative digital compositing solution, Autodesk? Toxik™ software allows you to create amazing visual effects and deliver high-quality film content on tight deadlines.

Create rich, vivid imagery—Interact in real time with High Dynamic Range Imagery (HDRI). Avoid underexposed or overexposed areas. Balance lighting across layers and light your CGI elements to accurately match the overall tonality of your composition. Add CG, retouch shots, remove dust from images, and paint effects directly onto your composition in a highly interactive, real-time environment.
Composite collaboratively—Break down complex tasks so that specialized digital artists can easily work together on the same shot at the same time.
Track every action and task seamlessly—Automate and accelerate procedural compositing with Python scripting and take the headache out of managing advanced visual effects creation with automatic file versioning.

Features & Specifications:
Focus on creativity and take your film effects pipeline to the next level of efficiency. Automate the complex task of tracking shots and element iterations. Have immediate access to all data on your project. Break complex compositions into component parts and distribute work to separate artists.
With a centralized relational database, integrated file and meta-data sharing, and versioning capabilities, Autodesk? Toxik™ software enables fast, parallel workflows.

Retouch images and mattes. Work with unlimited layers, reveals, clones, blend modes, and custom brushes. See your painted results immediately in context with your composition and get your effects work finished faster. Painted frames are automatically shared and useable by all Autodesk Toxik collaborators, even on remote workstations.

3D Control
Enhancements to Reaction—the 3D compositing super tool—and the animation editors make it easier than ever to create your compositions with speed and precision. Expanded gestural control in Reaction makes it a breeze to manipulate elements within the 3D environment. In the redesigned curve and track editors, relevant information and common commands are quickly accessible, streamlining your animation efforts.

Master Keyer
Simplifes complex keying tasks while producing precise results. The Keyer Super Tool combines sophisticated keying technology with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Photo Lab
The Photo Lab interactive HDR color corrector lets you work with HDR images more efficiently, giving you to better control exposure settings as well as shadow and highlight details. This allows you to better light background plates and CGI elements to accurately match the overall tonality of the composition.

Touch UI
A new gestural user interface designed specifically to meet the unique demands of visual effects creation. The Touch UI is highly optimized for interactivity and a more fluid application workflow.

Advanced 2D Tracking
High-speed, interactive tracking technology for fast, smooth image stabilization and seamless matching of elements to moving objects.

Wiretap support
Wiretap™ technology provides integrated file exchange with Discreet? Inferno?, Discreet? Flame?, Discreet? Flint?, Discreet? Fire?, and Discreet? Smoke? advanced systems applications. Read frames from Discreet framestores and benefit from the ultimate content creation pipeline.

AMD support
Autodesk Toxik software is optimized for today’s leading multiprocessor graphics workstations. The open architecture allows the flexibility of powering Toxik on a wide array of AMD? and Intel? workstations.

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