DW Extension Auto-Resizing Pop-up

Posted By: xelbe
DW Extension Auto-Resizing Pop-up

DW Extension Auto-Resizing Pop-up

Create an adequate size pop-up without ever having to check on image dimensions!
Auto insert scrollbars.
Auto-close window option.
New in version 2: copyright protect your images!
Select from 9 positions to align your pop-up image window to screen. ¦
Can easily be used on pages with dynamic content (generated from database).

This Behavior opens an image in a pop-up window (with only title bar - no menu bar,
scroll bar, address bar, etc) which would automatically resize to the width and height
of the image. If the image is larger than the screen resolution the window will resize to fill the ¦
screen and the scrollbars will be inserted automatically.
Save time designing your online galleries, especially if the dimensions of the images vary
or unknown (e.g. when they are loading dynamically from the database).

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have fun…