AutoUpdate+ v3.7.5.136

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AutoUpdate+ v3.7.5.136

AutoUpdate+ v3.7.5.136 | Windows | 2.61 MB |

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Deploy updates automatically

If you're a software developer or an IT professional, you know how beneficial it is to keep your users updated with the very latest versions of your programs.

Not only do you get to sell more upgrades, but your support costs are dramatically lower when everyone is using the latest versions of your application.

With AutoUpdate+ you can configure your updates to work the way you want them to, without spending your valuable resources writing an updating system.

Feature list

AutoUpdate+ is the most feature rich and flexible automatic update tool on the market. Hover over the feature item below for a more detailed explanation.

* No need for admin accounts
* Works with any tool from C++ to Delphi, VB and .NET
* All proxies supported
All proxies are supported and automatically detected. If a username and password is required to use the proxy, AutoUpdate+ will request this information from the user.

* Secure deployment
The update configuration files are securely tied to a code in the update client. In addition, all files are CRC checked.
* Servers with credentials requirement
For additional security, you can add a username/password to the web-site containing the updates (either HTTP or FTP credentials supported).

AutoUpdate+ will then request that the user enter the appropriate credentials in order to access the server location.

* Highly flexible and configurable
AutoUpdate+ offers complete remote configurability and flexibility over your update deployment.

All client behaviors and text messages can be defined at deployment, such that you can continuously tailor future updates exactly to your needs.
* Silent updates
Deploy updates with a wizard interface… or make them completely silent (transparent to the user).
* Conserve bandwidth
File unzipping is supported by our tool to conserve bandwidth. In addition, all files are CRC checked.

* Languages

System Requirements

Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000
Internet Explorer 5.0 or later