Auto Update Plus ver.

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Auto Update Plus ver.

Auto Update Plus ver. | Win32 | Size: 1.8 MB

AutoUpdate+ is a professional update deployment tool. Ensure that your application is always up-to-date and your customers remain happy. Use AutoUpdate+ to deploy the latest and greatest version of your application directly to your customer's PC.

* Restricted User Permissions:
–Our update client allows application updates even for users with limited permissions.

* No programming necessary:
–Works straight out of the box – no programming, no scripting.

* Highly configurable:
–All update messages and behaviors configurable remotely.

* Deploy files to any desired directory:
–Update the registry. Launch files at various update stages.

* Security:
–The update configuration files are securely tied to a code in the update client. In addition, all files are CRC checked.

* Conserve bandwidth:
–File unzipping is supported by our tool to conserve bandwidth.

* Silent updates:
–Deploy updates with a wizard interface… or make them completely silent (transparent to the user).

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