Av Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition V4.0.39

Posted By: tallist

Disguise, clone, imitate, play, enhance, record, create … All to do with voicesю Clone voice, disguise Sexxxx and age identity to be anonymous online; Enhance Sexxxx appeal for online fun, voice chat, PC phone, voice message; Create different voices for multi purposes.
Online fun: Clone your voice, make it either male, female, teen, baby… and enhance Sexxxx appeal for unlimited online fun.
Chat anonymously: With Voice Changer software, no one can recognize your identity in voice chat, no more getting furious about your voice.
Change voice online in real time: Talk and hear your voice changed right away. Voice Changer Software works for voice chat, voice mail, PC phone, voice enabled gaming, internet broadcast, speech delivering…
Create different voices for movie characters: You can create as many voices as you wish. No matter how many characters you have and whatever characteristics they have, you will have them all work.
Imitate voices: Voice Changer Software can work as a voice simulator. You can modify your voice to imitate someone’s voice, then Voice Comparator will tell how well you are doing.
Music listens to you: Voice Changer Software can change voice of music too. You can also add various effects to make a song become brand new. Voice recorder will record your new song and save in mp3 or other formats.
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