AXIS Camera Station v2.10.018

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AXIS Camera Station v2.10.018

AXIS Camera Station v2.10.018 | 58 MB

Video monitoring, recording and event management functions
AXIS Camera Station iconWith AXIS Camera Station installed on your Windows PC, you can monitor your cameras, and at the same time, record high quality, digital video either continuously or on schedule, alarm and/or motion detection. AXIS Camera Station supports recordings in both Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4. MPEG-4 recordings require less bandwidth and storage space.
Multiple search functions for recorded events
The AXIS Camera Station offers easy ways to search for recorded events. The multi-view playback feature enables a user to view simultaneous recordings from different cameras to get a comprehensive picture of an event.
Image enhancement capabilities
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AXIS Image Enhancer
With AXIS Image Enhancer, an add-on software component for AXIS Camera Station, you can improve the quality of images taken in conditions such as fog, smoke, rain and snow.