Backup Made Simple ver. 5.1.186

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Backup Made Simple ver. 5.1.186

Backup Made Simple backs up your computer to another hard drive, across a network, or anywhere else. The Backup Plan Wizard will help you identify what to save, and then set up the program to do it. You can back up the entire computer, or whatever folders and files you wish. Your choices are saved as a Backup Plan, so you can make the same backup again whenever you like without designing it all over again. It is very similar to its cousin Backup To DVD/CD, and will also write DVD's and CD's, but is optimized for small capacity media by using compression. For added convenience Backup Made Simple will add new subfolders and files to your Backup Plan automatically, and it will even adapt automatically when you rename things. Without compromising ease of use, the software is also chock full of useful features like scheduling, and backup logging.

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