Bandwidth Monitor Pro ver.1.30

Posted By: proxy_user

Do you ever wonder how much bandwidth you are using?
How fast you are downloading or uploading?
Or if you're closing in on your monthly transfer limit?

If so Bandwidth Monitor Pro is the utility for you!

Detailed logging
Supports logging of all your network adapters at once with separate statistics for each adapter.
You can go back and check your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or total transfer.

Always control
With the small transfer graph placed in the system tray you always have control of your bandwidth usage.

Highly customizable
Bandwidth Monitor Pro can be customized to display the information you want.
You can also change the graph type and colors.

Advanced alert system
You can set up rules with various actions and conditions.
Lets say that you have a monthly transfer limit of 30GB.
You can then set up Bandwidth Monitor Pro to alert you when your approaching that limit.