Batch Watermark Creator 4.95

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Batch Watermark Creator 4.95

Batch Watermark Creator 4.95
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Batch Watermark Creator is a specialized tool for adding text and images watermarks to your photos, images and pictures in batch mode. You will be able to process thousands of files in a few seconds.

As a specialized adding watermarks software - Batch Watermark Creator has many advantages:

- Support more than 40 picture format (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, GIF, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX, WMF, FAX, PSD, PDD, PSP, CUT and PCD etc).
- The unique text smooth and the special effect technology, The text watermark effect is extremely ideal, may compare favorably with Photoshop.
- The visible watermark script edition, the script edition function is extremely formidable.
- Supports watermark types: text, image.
- Supports transparency,tiled of watermarks.
- Build-in picture edition.
- Adopt PNG compression technology, the verge of pictures will not be varicolored.
- Users can define pictures or words as watermark, and print on desired places of the pictures in batch.
- Parameters such as font size, color, position and so on can be defined by Users freely.
- Operation of the software is simple and easy.
- Support management of many watermarks simultaneously.
- Save the Users'setting automatically.
- Restrain the size of the targeted pictures.
- Compress and draw the verge of the pictures.
- Support the documentation operation of Drag and Drop, so long as directly Drag the pictures - from Windows Explorer to the program interface, then them will join processing list.
- support watermark to revolve according to the angle.
- Support watermark tile and fit.
- The unique text watermark processing technology, the tile effect is more ideal.
- Support picture preview in processing.

Batch Watermark Creator 4.95