BBEdit v8.5 for MAC

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BBEdit v8.5 for MAC

BBEdit v8.5 | Mac | 13.8MB
Popular HTML & text editing tool

BBEdit is a high-performance HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. It is designed and crafted for the editing, searching, transformation, and manipulation of text. BBEdit provides an array of general-purpose features which are useful for a wide variety of tasks, and includes many features which have been specifically developed in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers.

* "Code Folding" collapse ranges of text (as determined automatically on a per-language basis; you may also manually select a range of text to be folded)

* Clippings previously known as "the Glossary", Clippings provide an easy way to capture and re-use frequently needed bits of text. Placeholders and embedded script invocation make it easier to add automation and "smarts". A new Clippings menu and improved "Insert Clipping" command provide quick access to your existing clippings and easy creation of new clippings

* Preferences Revised and simplified, now with searching ability.

* Language Support Now with built-in syntax coloring and function navigation for Ruby, YAML, and SQL source files; improved JavaScript function navigation including anonymous-function support; set editing and display options on a per-language basis.

* More than a hundred and sixty improvements and enhancements in all, including numerous user interface refinements

* Much, much more: what's new in BBEdit 8.5!

* Even a new application icon!


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