]ed Offline BBcode Editor

Posted By: Lambo

ed is a Java-based standalone offline BBcode editor, which is meant as an alternative for the in forums and bulletin boards found browser based online editors. Some of the BBed features are:

* Supports the loading and storing of BBcode drafts in text based files on the local computer.
* Offers unlimited undo and redo for textediting.
* Helps to write/insert/remove all kinds of BBcode tags and emoticons inside textdrafts easily.
* Offers quick turnaround keyboard shortcuts for the most common used BBcode tags.
* Has a build-in highlight matching bracket function, which is helpful when typing in tags manually.
* Offers search, replace and goto line editor capabilities for longer text documents.
* Has an own build-in preview splitview component for previewing BBcode in a formated manner.
* Offers an english and german localized UI .
* Comes along with an included english and german short overview online help.

]ed Offline BBcode Editor

ed has been tested with Java 1.4.2 and 1.5 versions under Windows W2K and XP. It should also work properly on other platforms.