Bibble Labs Bibble Pro ver. 4.9

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Bibble Labs Bibble Pro ver. 4.9

Bibble Labs Bibble Pro ver. 4.9 | Size: 32,5 Mb

Bibble 4.9 represents a new standard in Raw Workflow tools. In development for over two years, Bibble 4 is the result of exhaustive research into how you, the professional photographer, want to work and how existing tools are not meeting your needs. We heard loud and clear that you don't make any money when you aren't behind your camera and thus everything in Bibble is geared towards making your workflow as fast and efficient as possible.

At its core, Bibble features a proprietary image pipeline that yields accurate color through custom profiles and delivers blazing speed through platform specific optimizations. Based on over four years of experience, our image processing algorithms consistently deliver the most detailed, artifact-free raw conversions available.

In today's rapidly changing digital environment we also know that many of you, even within a single organization, frequently find yourselves dealing with images from a variety of cameras and sources. Further adding to the mix is the need to process these images using disparate computer hardware on tight deadlines. Bibble 4 helps resolve this dilemma by providing support for all the most popular cameras and consistent editing tools and processing speed on all supported platforms (Windows, OS X, and Linux).

While Bibble Pro has been designed with the working pro or serious hobbyist in mind, we also offer Bibble Lite to provide a cost effective alternative for the hobbyist or consumer. Bibble Lite shares all the core features of its big brother but leaves out certain features that are most likely only useful to a working pro (e.g. Tethered Shooting). While a single Bibble Pro license is valid for all three supported platforms, a Bibble Lite license is only valid for one. Both versions deliver the same high quality results and support all the same cameras.

Major Features:
* NEW: Heal and Clone tool
* NEW: 3rd Party Plugins
* Advanced Lens Correction
* Noise Ninja Powered Digital Noise Suppression
* One-Click Image Correction with Perfectly Clear®
* Fully Integrated Browser
* User Configurable Tools/Views
* Powerful Batch Processing
* Raw Optimized Printing
* User Assignable Hotkey's
* Flexible Renaming System
* Photo shop Plug in
* Advanced Settings Copy/Paste
* IPTC Meta-Data Support
* Fully Multi-threaded for Speed
* Tethered Shooting
* Fully Configurable Workflow
* Plug-in interface and Black & White / Spot Color Plugin
* Highlight / Fill-light tool for High Dynamic Range
* Fastest RAW Conversion
* Runs on Windows, OS X and Linux!
* Best-In-Class Detail Enhancement