Posted By: heidilein

Getting Videos has Never been Easier

    BearFlix is optimized for the fast download of video files
    Connect to more sources
    Find more files with a 'deep search' mechanism
    Most reliable downloads with automatic resume mechanism
    Improved user interface, designed for Video files
    Video specific media player
    Automatic Virus protection
    Configurable Parental controls
    Easy to use, just install, and GO!

    Operating Systems Supported

    * Windows 98
    * Windows NT, Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Service Pack 4 and above
    * Windows 2000
    * Windows Millenium Edition
    * Windows XP

    Disk Space

    * 4 megabytes of free disk space for the BearFlix program and its support files
    * As much free disk space as necessary to save downloaded files
    * Space for your shared files, if any


    * 32 megabytes minimum


    * A 166MHz Pentium class CPU or higher is required


    * You must have an Internet connection to search, download, and share files on the Internet.
    * If you are behind a firewall, or your Internet Service Provider does not allow your computer to receive incoming connections, you may experience problems sharing your files, and you may not be able to download files from other users who are also behind firewalls.
    * BearFlix also works on a local area network, provided you have at least two computers with connected networking hardware. To operate in this mode, it is necessary to know the IP address of the computer on your local area network you wish to connect to.