Bill Central Time Billing 2007

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Bill Central Time Billing 2007

Bill Central Time Billing 2007 | 6,61 MB

Bill Central is a comprehensive Time Billing system designed to let you be more productive at what you do best - generate revenue. Bill Central is a smart management tool that enables you to timely bill your clients and analyze the effectiveness of your staff's operations and billing procedures. From the start, this program was designed for flexibility and ease of use.

Unlimited Clients. Bill Central doesn't limit the number of clients you can track.

Visual Invoice & Statement Design. Create an invoice form that you like, not what we think it should look like.

Print Client Statements. Print Client Statements showing aged receivables.

Client Funds Accounts. Tracking for Retainers and deposits.

Remote Data Input. Track your Time & Expenses while at a Client's site or away from your primary office.

Multiple Database Support. Process multiple companies, each with their own sets of information.

Print Reports to MSWord. Supports printing reports to Microsoft Word or other wordprocessing software.

Label & Envelope Printing. Easily print labels & envelopes to correspond with Invoices & Statements you are sending.

Customizable Terminology. Change the terminology used by the system to that used by your organization.

Print Client Form Letters. Features a built-in facility for easily printing collection or other form type letters.

Integration to General Ledger & Payroll systems.

Reprint Invoices. Quickly and easily resend a previously printed invoice.

Project Tracking. Keep track of project estimates versus actual time and expense.