BlackWidow ver.5.22

Posted By: teamboy
BlackWidow ver.5.22

BlackWidow ver.5.22 | 12,7 MB

BlackWidow is a multi-function internet utility and a great webmaster tool. It is a Web site downloader, download internet manager, site mapping tool, a site ripper, a site mirroring tool, a website scanner, an offline browser and a download manager. Use it to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site's structure, files, external links and even link errors. Then use it to download part or entire web site to your computer, with its structure and files intact, to use as a site mirror or to be converted by BlackWidow into a locally linked site for offline browsing and long-term reference. Or use it to scan for and download any selection of files: from JPG to CGI to HTM to MIME types, from small to large files, in part of a site or in a group of sites. The Net Spy feature can monitor all your web activity and build a structure of everything you visit on every Web site.

Version 5.22 adds Windows Vista support.