Blaze Power Record ver.2.0.2

Posted By: vincente
Power Record
Scheduled or Instant Recording of Any Internet Radio Programming
# Schedule recordings or record instantly from any source;
# Use Song Grabber to "Grab" portions of streaming audio you forgot to schedule;
# Schedule multiple recording events weeks, even months ahead of time;
# Record directly into MP3, Wave, or WMA;
# Eliminate clipping with Automatic Gain Control.
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Blaze Audio's bestselling Power Record is the #1 internet radio recording program of its kind. Think of it as an in-line VCR for your favorite internet radio shows. Sports. Music. Interviews. Schedule multiple events (even months ahead of time), then forget about them. Power Record does the rest.

With Power Record's exclusive Song Grabber, you can even record part of a program that you might have otherwise missed. Here's how it works: Keep Song Grabber running in the background while you work at your computer. Then, if you happen to tune into that special news program and realize that you missed the first 15 minutes of an interview you wanted to hear, turn on Power Record, enable Song Grabber, and it's automatically recorded. Just like that.

Whether it�s instant recording in MP3 or scheduled recording as a high-quality Wave file, Power Record does it all. It even features Automatic Gain Control to prevent clipping.