Box Shot 3D ver.2.5.1

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Box Shot 3D ver.2.5.1

Box Shot 3D ver.2.5.1 | 1,59 MB

Box Shot 3D is a virtual cover renderer, based on raytracing algorithms. That means that boxshots it creates will look like they are real. Software box or e-book image is often a deciding factor for potential customer, so it have to be amazing.

Raytracing is usually used for special effects in movies. Box Shot 3D allows to use it to create boxshots!
Why Box Shot 3D?

* Raytracing - Box Shot 3D produces photorealistic images.
* Realistic Shadows - Box Shot 3D allows to use direct lighting and skydome lighting. Shadows are smooth, real and fully adjustable.
* Antialiasing - no ugly edges or pixels. Edges are as smooth as a real ones.
* Transparent background - allows to include boxshots to more complex projects with ease.
* Reflection - you have a full control over reflection of your box.
* Different Shapes - 6 adjustable shapes and counting (including modern "Vista"-box).
* Presets - select one of 12 camera presets for the best result.
* Easy to use - Box Shot 3D has easy and user-friendly interface.