BookPrintXP Version 1.5.1

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BookPrintXP Version 1.5.1

BookPrintXP Version 1.5.1
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With BookPrint you also may print posters. A poster arises by sticking together (like a mosaic) two, four, eight or sixteen sheets. One DIN A2 poster for example results from four DIN A4s, or one DIN A3 poster results from two DIN A4s. You can determine the width of the sticking edge before.

The appearance of the scaled page images corresponds to the original page images of a normal printer. Before printing you can preview the print image at the window.

BookPrint operates as a printer driver that may be used by any Windows application that provides a Print function. If BookPrint is defined as the standard printer, you simply start BookPrint with the print function of the current application. Otherwise you select the BookPrint driver from the list of printers from the printer setup dialog of the application.

In general BookPrint is suitable to print:
· program manuals (readme.txt)
· help files
· cook books
· address books
· program source listings
· electronic publications
· spreadsheets/database reports
· catalogues
· brochures
· club or church newsletters and the like.
· Poster
· Wall paper
· CD-Inlays