Breathing Exercise Mp3 2006 AIO

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 Breathing Exercise Mp3  2006 AIO

 Breathing Exercise Mp3  2006 AIO

The health you enjoy today, and for the rest of your life, begins with your next breath. On Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing you will learn a complete course of eight breathing exercises that Dr. Andrew Weil uses in his own life, and has prescribed to hundreds of patients over the past two decades. In plain language, Dr. Weil explains the secret of breathwork's power over our health, and its remarkable ability to influence-and even reprogram-the nervous system. From increasing energy, to lowering blood pressure, to improving circulation-to beating anxiety disorders without drugs, here is your guide to the benefits of breathwork, presented by the bestselling author and physician who has taken the miracle out of self-healing, and made it available to us all.

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