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BreezeBrowser Pro 1.7.2

Posted By: eutelsat
BreezeBrowser Pro 1.7.2

BreezeBrowser Pro 1.7.2 | 11,4 MB

BreezeBrowser Pro…The powerful and versatile browser based tool for viewing and manipulating digital images.Do you need a fast and simple way to browse and select from your growing collection of digital photos or to create sophisticated web page image galleries without needing to learn HTML? Perhaps you need to rotate, crop and save your JPEG’s without any loss of quality or work with images in their RAW format. From batch processing to proof sheets , from posting to printing, from file format conversion to batch processing IPTC data or preserving EXIF information during JPEG or TIFF conversion…BreezeBrowser Pro has your solution.

What is BreezeBrowser Pro?
It's a compact and robust downloadable software program that uses a "browser" style interface to present and organize digital images, convert raw images, generate web pages, link geo-tagged images with online maps, produce proofs and contact sheets. BreezeBrowser Pro handles most major digital image formats. Learn More

Why Use BreezeBrowser Pro?

BreezeBrowser Pro helps the professional photographer to:

* Convert, resize, sharpen and level raw images from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji and Minolta cameras
* Select images for presentation
* Generate attractive, captioned web pages with watermarking and online ordering (optional)
* Produce contact sheets and proofs (print straight to your printer or print to file)
* Batch rename images and managing folders
* Caption and edit comments and XMP IPTC data including IPTC subject codes and scenes
* Quickly assess large numbers of images

BreezeBrowser Pro also enables photographers to:

* New! Link geo-tagged images to online maps and create web galleries using the new GPS template
* New! Keyword editor now supports hierarchical lists with synonyms
* Compare up to four high resolution images side by side
* Rotate JPEG’s with no loss of quality
* Display images and shooting data from most major formats and makes of camera(including RAW, JPEG, TIFF)
* Display sharp preview images using the unique ‘HQ mode’
* Present slideshows on laptop or pc
* Adjust date and time for batches or single images