BreezeSys Downloader Pro 1.9

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BreezeSys Downloader Pro 1.9

BreezeSys Downloader Pro 1.9 | 6.95 MB

The photographers tool for automated transfer of images from card reader or camera to PC, renaming and storing them with own choice of file and directory names.

What is Downloader Pro?
A compact and robust downloadable software program that enables a photographer to automatically download, organize, and rename images and image data. Downloader Pro accepts JPEG and TIFF images from any DCF compliant camera, major raw formats, and reads shooting data from all major formats.

Why Use Downloader Pro?
* Gives you a fast and simple way to transfer and store digital photos from your camera to PC
* Automatically rename and organise photos in a meaningful way as they are downloaded
* Save time locating images by assigning them recognizable and clear names and folders
* Avoid duplicating images on your PC; Downloader Pro identifies duplicate images and only downloads them once. Particularly useful when downloading from mass storage devices
* Simplify workflow by automating the creation of sets of related directories for each download directory e.g. Vacation2006\originals, Vacation2006\working, JobXYZ\final (using the new Directory Maker plug-in)
* Time saving automatic rotation of JPEG’s from cameras with orientation sensors
* Specify download path using shooting data
* Ease reorganisation of existing photos held on PC
* Integrated with BreezeBrowser
* Photoshop users can automatically adjust dpi of JPEGs to their preferred value during download
* Photoshop users can automatically tag JPEGs with colour profile according to camera model

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