BreezeBrowser Pro ver. 1.4.1

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BreezeBrowser Pro ver. 1.4.1

BreezeBrowser Pro ver. 1.4.1 | 8,25 Mb

If you find Photoshop very complicated and the Microsoft Photo editor inadequate, then you might as well give BreezeBrowser Pro a try. According to the company, this software is the perfect solution for viewing and manipulating digital images and support Canon EOS 30D, Nikon D200, slideshow transitions. It helps in browsing and even has the capacity to create web page image galleries without needing to learn HTM.Other editing like cropping, rotating ,conversion can also be done, without compromising on the image quality.

The software is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP installed and one also requires an internet connection. It has a browser style interface and can organize digital images, convert raw images, generate web pages, produce proofs and contact sheets.

BreezeBrowser Pro ver. 1.4.1

Why Use BreezeBrowser Pro?

BreezeBrowser Pro helps the professional photographer to:
• Convert, resize, sharpen and level raw images from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta and Olympus cameras
• Select images for presentation
• Generate attractive, captioned web pages with watermarking and online ordering (optional)
• Produce contact sheets and proofs (print straight to your printer or print to file)
• Batch rename images and managing folders
• Caption and edit comments and IPTC data
BreezeBrowser Pro also enables photographers to:
• Compare up to four high resolution images side by side
• Rotate JPEG’s with no loss of quality
• Display images and shooting data from most major formats and makes of camera(including RAW, JPEG, TIFF)
• Display sharp preview images using the unique ‘HQ mode’
• Present slideshows on laptop or pc
• Adjust date and time for batches or single images


* Rotate JPEGs, Tiffs and Raw files quickly with no loss of quality
* Organize photos by dragging and dropping between folders
* Manage folders using the Explorer-style interface to navigate, create, delete, rename and move folders
* Support for Windows shortcuts to images
* Image tagging and ranking
* Add comments to images.
* Accurate display of colors through color management
* Displays detailed shooting data from images from digital cameras including the new detailed lens information from Canon lenses used with the Canon EOS 5D and Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
* Lens distortion correction
* Copy EXIF shooting data to JPEGs from TIFF and other image formats
* Read Adobe XMP shooting data when EXIF shooting data isn’t available
* Extract embedded JPEGs from Canon raw files complete with EXIF information
* Image date and time editor - ideal for when you forget to adjust your camera’s clock when moving between time zones (works with TIFFs, JPEGs, Canon AVIs and raw files from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony Olympus, Minolta and other makes of camera)
* Noise reduction filter
* Enhanced IPTC keyword editing using controlled vocabularies

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