Bug Doctor

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Bug Doctor

Bug Doctor | 1.1 MB | 2 Nov 2006 |

I would be willing to bet that your PC has a lot of errors on it. We created PC Bug Doctor because we got tired of needing to be a full blown computer tech in order to keep our PC out of the repair shop. PC Bug Doctor Has Become Such A huge Hit That Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Are Now Primarily Using It To Keep Their PC's Running Error Free.
You will not believe how common it is for an average PC to have 200 or more errors. When you install/uninstall software a lot of programs leave trash laying around on your pc. Old shortcuts to non existent programs, redundant files, invalid application paths.
This list goes on and on, PC Bug Doctor fixes all these errors and hundreds more. Let the doctor make you a house call and fix those errors for you today so you can enjoy a faster and more efficient PC.



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