BurnAgain DVD 1.2

Posted By: Alexpal
BurnAgain DVD 1.2

Mac OS: BurnAgain DVD 1.2 | 1 Mb

With BurnAgain DVD you can add files to CDR, CDRW and now also DVD+RW several times into the same volume. You can also change the title of your disk at each burn. At any time you can decide to start over and hide the files of previous burns, making the disk look like you would have used an empty one. This makes BurnAgain a unique Mac-like burning tool.
Incremental burning

If you burn items twice, BurnAgain DVD will automatically compare them to the versions already burned and only new or changed files will be added, overwriting the previous versions if required. To simplify reburning of backups, BurnAgain DVD optionally stores what you want to burn on the disk and loads the configuration automatically when the disk is inserted.

Use Burnable Folders and aliases

BurnAgain DVD is capable of resolving aliases and supports using Burnable Folders in Tiger.

Technical smallprint

BurnAgain DVD will accept CDR,CDRW and DVD+RW media for this kind of burning. Support for additional DVD media types is in development. You can append files to all disks burned in the ISO9660 rock ridge standard format that have not been closed. The easiest way of course is to use BurnAgain DVD from the start.
Please note that each session added requires a session overhead (up to a few MB) in addition to the size of the files you add.

Platform independence that just works

BurnAgain DVD automatically preserves your special Mac file attributes (resource forks) and burns the disk in a platform independent format that can be used on Windows and Linux.

Ready for Intel based Macs

BurnAgain DVD is a \"universal binary\" that runs natively on intel based and ppc macs.

Find out more

BurnAgain DVD includes detailed documentation available through the applications help menu. Its full functionality can be tried out for a limited number of burns.

Get in touch

If you need some help or if you experience problems, just mail or send a note using the feedback page. Your request will be answered usually on the same businessday.

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