CacheBoost Enterprise Edition (Full)

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CacheBoost Enterprise Edition
CacheBoost optimizes the Windows cache management and the performance of your system under Windows NT, 2000, XP and .Net Servers.
The result is that your programs run faster and become more stable than ever before! It monitors and controls over the processes that take place in the memory and reclaims wasted memory on your computer.

  • CacheBoost’s integrated suite of programs can recover memory leaks from your system and prevent Windows crashes.
    The built-in Memory Zipper engine and Data Safe Technology enhances the available system memory and ensures complete reliability and safety of data.
    It not only includes the usual fare of option to export customized settings and to apply the same on another machine but has numerous of options to fine tune your system.
    Graphical display of memory resources
    The real time statistics on memory usage, consumption, availability and size of system cache and peak cache is presented both graphically and numerically.
    Guard memory resource allocation
    CacheBoost runs in your system tray providing better resource allocation. However, you have an additional advantage to optimize the resources manually by defragging and repairing memory leaks and freeing the space of system cache.
    {b]Make your PC more responsive!
    CacheBoost intelligently runs in the background to monitor and control the processes which take place in the memory through its unique Automatic Intelligent Settings.
    Utilize existing hardware efficiently
    Built-in Memory Zipper engine manages and organizes the available memory which is required to run various programs. It also stabilizes the system performance while a user swaps various files and programs ‘in-and-out’ of the memory.
    Make your computer fast and stable
    Pioneer in designing Data Safe Technology, offers the first-ever possibility to ensure that each and every data is written to your hard drive, preventing information loss, and securing your essential cache memory. It not only saves memory as it releases file cache but is also safe and reliable.
    Optimize the file cache-management
    You can configure CacheBoost manually. If you want an effective control over it then you can set them in advanced settings.
    Glide through Windows
    CacheBoost lets you to fine tune your Windows system. It makes your system faster by improving core system performance, optimizing system cache and clearing swap files.

Supported System

Pentium or compatible system with at least 32 MB RAM
Supported Operating System
Compatible With
Windows NT/2000/XP
Minimum Requirements
Windows 2000/NT
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Unpack and Install CacheBoost.
Enjoy this fine release from TEAM ROR :)