CAD Pro ver. 4.014

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CAD Pro ver. 4.014

CAD Pro ver. 4.014 | 29MB

CAD Pro is the most cost-effective and easy to use CAD solution for Windows! Its a powerful drafting and design software designed with over 7,200 easy to use features that enables you to create virtually any type of drawing for print or the web. CADPro is developed for the beginner and advanced user so that anyone can quickly pick up on the latest features. Each project plan is included as a CADPro drawing, enabling you to modify any aspect to meet your specific application. Simply print these Do-It-Yourself Plans with the build of materials and have your local home improvement store give you a detailed cost, its that simple! CAD Pros compact, straightforward toolbox design gives you quick and easy access to all tools necessary to design anything the easy way. A full range of advanced drafting tools such as Join, Chamfer, Fillet, Extend, Trim, etc. save you time and effort while meeting the exacting standards of your design. Precise alignment is a snap, with just a simple mouse-click you can align and connect objects quickly and easily. The snap tools can constrain angles, draw tangent lines, align edges, and connect objects at any point.

Photo Plug-In
Quickly places any digital photo or image in your CADPro documents!

PaintPro Plus™
Easy to use paint tools allow you to quickly modify digital photos images to meet your design requirements.

Auto-Shape Tools
With a simple click of the mouse you can add any of our Auto-Shapes in just a few seconds.

Architectural Tools
Powerful point and click tools for quickly creating your floor plans

Email Image Imbedding
Quickly send any design created in CADPro as an image in your emails by simply selecting the 'Send as Mail' option.

Sketch Tracing
Sketch your design on a piece of paper, scan it and it becomes a traceable template.