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Call Soft Pro Web Server v1.2

Posted By: Alexpal

Call Soft Pro Web Server v1.2 | 1,23 Mb

The Call Soft Pro Web Server allows you to access Call Soft Pro on a LAN or through the Web. You can access your messages by mailbox, retrieve your phone book, view the outgoing call history and even monitor caller ID. This is the first BETA release and we will be adding a significant amount of functionality in the coming weeks. Security, of course is an issue, so you have complete control over the server’s port and can define and set privileges for individual users. Logging is robust and a list of connected users is always visible showing the user’s name and what they are doing.

We also provide a service called My IP. This service allows you to always find your Call Soft Pro Web site. Because your home or office IP address may change frequently you might find it impossible to access Call Soft via the Web. Enable this service to track the IP address of the computer running the Web Server. This way you only need to remember your My IP address where yourname is a name you specify in the server’s setup. When your away and want to access your server simply enter your My IP address.

After installation simply make sure Call Soft Pro is running (not as a service though) and click the Connect button on the servers main window. That’s it your up and running. To monitor caller ID will need to enable the option “Allow Call Soft to be an active X server” found on the system tab in Call Soft Pro’s setup.

Call Soft Pro version 3.0.39 or above.
LAN or broadband connection to the Internet that is always connected.
Pentium 400mhz or higher is recommended.
64 megabytes of RAM.
Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP.
10 megabytes of disk space

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