CD & DVD Inspector 2.1.3 build 83

Posted By: Hatifnatt
CD & DVD Inspector 2.1.3 build 83

CD & DVD Inspector 2.1.3 build 83 | 3.6MB

CD/DVD Inspector is a full function software product for intensive analysis and extraction of data from CD-R, CD-RW and DVD media. Tailored for professionals in data recovery, forensics, and law enforcement

CD/DVD Inspector reads all major CD and DVD filesystem formats including ISO-9660, Joliet, UDF, HFS and HFS+. When the disc being examined contains more than a single filesystem, all filesystems found are displayed. Multiple filesystems are present for hybrid Macintosh/PC discs as well as for discs that are produced by DirectCD and other packet-writing software. DVD Video discs include both the UDF and ISO-9660 filesystem as well.

Reports are available to describe the contents of a disc in several formats:

By folder, with and without MD5 hash information
By file name, with and without MD5 hash information
An export format similar to the Hashkeeper hash set format. This can then be used to import hash information into other software
Image detail report listing all images found on a disc in HTML format
Image selection report with selected images in HTML format
Additionally, CD/DVD Inspector loads a Hashkeeper hash set and compares it to the contents of a disc. This enables the rapid marking of files as containing content to be examined further or excluding files which belong to a hash set of common files.