Cecima Win'Design v7.51

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Cecima Win'Design v7.51

Cecima Win'Design v7.51 | Windows | 131 MB | Rs.com

Home Page: http://www.win-design.com/en/WinDesign.htm

WinDesign provides the enterprise the software suite to manage its modeling-based projects (Information system design, analysis & mapping, functionnal and technical mapping, …).

The 4 modules of Win'Design are based on a scalable repository :

Database : for Database Analysis and Design
Business Process : for Business Process management and analysis, functionnal and technical mapping of applications, data flows, IS mapping
Object : for UML modeling
UserInterface : to design the User Interface of the applications

The documentation is generated in rtf and/or HTML format for intranet publishing.

Win'Design Version 7.51 is integrated in the W4 BPM Suite 2006, a software suite that covers all phases of business processes.

Benefits …

* A modular software suite
* Merise & UML modeling available in a single software
* Customization ability through numerous advanced display and style options
* Extensive metamodel (extended characteristics, stereotypes and free object)
* A user-friendly software, easy getting started
* User-definable documentation, publication of the models as HTML
* A very well known software

System requirements

Processor > 500 Mhz, 128 Mo of RAM, 100 Mo available on the disk.
Windows environment.

Download - 2 Parts (131 MB):