Child Control 2006 ver.

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Child Control 2006 ver.
Welcome to the home page of Child Control 2006, the Internet parental control for the most popular Windows systems. (95/98/ME/2000/XP). Child Control is a multifaceted program that helps your child use your home PC responsibly. Take a look at the following pages to see how Child Control lets you protect your PC from changes to important settings, view a report of how long the machine is running every day, and define exactly how long your child is allowed to be on it on a given day. Follow the link below to get details on all of these features.

Whats new for 2006?
Some thoughts…
How long should the PC or the Internet be on each day, each week, or each month? Are there times when you want to lock your PC? Are there games that should be available only during certain hours? Do you want to allow educational software to run outside the normal PC hours? Do you want to prevent access to some undesirable websites (e.g. porn, file sharing, chats, etc.)? Do you want to keep some folders private? If you think there is something missing in the program, get in touch with us… It’s your Parental Control Software !

Runs on all popular Windows systems (95-XP)
Define the users who are allowed to access the PC
Define time limits, either daily or for weekdays
Define PC Off Times for each hour of each weekday
Define Internet Off Times for each hour of each weekday
Define Internet time limits, per day or per week
Define “unwanted“ Internet contents with keywords
Time limits can be defined separately for each EXE-file
Report data is constantly logged to keep track of each user’s time.
Disable major system settings
Stealth mode: Make the program invisible to your users
Whitelist EXE > Define exactly which programs your child is allowed to use!
Whitelist Internet > Define exactly which URLs are allowed to use!
E-Mail notification: see what is happening on your home PC from work.
Define a holiday extension time, when every limit will be extended
Crack-safe, all “back doors“ can easily be blocked via a mouse click.
Easy Import and Export functions to share settings with other PCs
Supports domains and workgroups, easy online update routine
The user is always of aware of time used, time limit, and time remaining.
NEW: Customize your own warning messages (e.g. non english languages)