CircuitMaker 2000

Posted By: bill_gates
CircuitMaker 2000

The CircuitMaker 2000 | 10 MB
Electronic education software for circuit designing

The CircuitMaker 2000 importer has been improved:

* Files containing macros (reusable pieces of circuitry) are better handled.
* Situations where the libraries (DEVICE & USER) are not loaded before the CKT files are now managed more appropriately. Now an adequate error will be added to the CM2000 log file & the loading process will be stopped.
* When the the current locale decimal separator is different from '.' (period), CircuitMaker2000 files are still imported correctly.
* Loading of corrupted CKT files has been improved. In these cases, an error will be added to the importer's log file and the loading process will stop.
* The Setup dialog has been improved and streamlined.
* If no path is specified in the Setup dialog (when no values are found in LoadCM2000.INI file), default directories are displayed in Libraries Path & Models Path edit boxes. These default directories are: %DXPInstallationDirectory%\System\CircuitMaker2000\Libraries & %DXPInstallationDirectory%\System\CircuitMaker2000\Model. If these directories don't contain the required SchLib libraries or models then an error will be added to the log file when the importer tries to find the components in the loaded libraries.