Clean Space ver. 9.65

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Clean Space ver. 9.65

Clean Space 9 is not a one function program, but rather it is a toolbox for the protection and removal of personal information, spyware, anonymous surfing service, file anti-recovery tool, computer lock and many others. Competitors of Clean Space 9 prefer to distribute these programs separately, TeoSoft includes them all in one, very powerful, easy to use package.

Tool 1. Removal of your activity tracks from the computer.
Clean Space 9 prevents unauthorized access to your computer history from anyone - friends, family and even coworkers. In other words, nobody will be able to view web sites you’ve visited, images or videos you've viewed, programs you've started, letters you've written, and much more which you would like to keep a lid on. By your command or at a scheduled time, Clean Space 9 starts deleting activity history in over two hundred sensitive areas such as Internet Browser history, Windows Explorer history, temporary internet files, cookie files, index.dat files, swap file, and many others. Once it accomplishes its work, Clean Space 9 leaves no chance to learn your computer session details.

Tool 2. Search and removal of Spyware and Viruses.
Spyware, just like your activity history, can tell everything about you to strangers. These programs are installed deliberately to spy on you, and report back to its sender your private usage information. They record the addresses of the sites you visit, duplicate files, make screenshots of the programs, in which you work etc. Clean Space 9 detects and removes spyware. Its spyware database is very large, and is constantly updated. You will get the lifetime protection from Spy-ware intrusions. This ensures that what you do is kept private as it is your business only!

Tool 3. Anonymous Internet Surfing.
Your internet provider knows of all information and the sites that you request from your computer. This endangers your privacy and always leaves an opportunity for the provider employees to see your commercial secrets, logins, passwords and other information that you get from the net. Our anonymous surfing service is a mediator between you and the internet, so that the provider will only see the ciphered transfer of data. Besides, the anonymous surfing will hide your real IP address from the sites that you visit and their owners will never be able to track your computer.

Tool 4. Secret folder.
This tool allows safe storage of whatever files you keep on your computer. By moving files to this folder, you protect them from the eyes of strangers. Moreover, the protected files cannot be found through the system search and file navigators. You will be the only person to have access to these files.

Tool 5. File anti-recovery tool.
Even the files that you deleted several years ago may be easily recovered, since the Windows does not remove them immediately, but only marks as deleted and does not display them in the file system. A file is deleted only when another file is re-written above. The Wipe Disk Space function will help you remove all deleted files from the hard drive. After the tool has done this, no-one will be able to recover the files which you deleted.
Tool 6. Computer lock.

Tray Agent, which is a free addition to Clean Space 9, has a unique screen lock function. By using your password, you may limit access of unwanted intruders to your computer. This function may go well together with the standard Screen Saver that can be easily unlocked.
There’s more to it!

Clean Space 9 has more than one page can hold. It may work automatically, immediately hiding all windows from strangers, it also has programmable hot keys, that can be protected by a password, and kept hidden from the eyes of others.