Cleanse Uninstaller ver. 1.8

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Cleanse Uninstaller ver. 1.8

Cleanse Uninstaller ver. 1.8 | 1 Mb

Cleanse is a program uninstaller that will find and remove even the most stubborn of programs. Uninstall faster, easier and more completely than other programs do. Firstly Cleanse will try to use the original uninstaller that came with the software then Cleanse will do its own search of the system registry and local drives to find any left over files or registry entries that are often left behind to clog and slow your computer and remove them. Cleanse also has a startup optimizer to make your computer boot alot faster and safer. Remove any Trojans or adware that might startup with your computer making your computer safer for every day use.

* Speedup your PC by removing unwanted programs.
* Easy and fast wizard interface.
* Scans registry to remove ALL traces of removed program.
* Scan local drives to remove ALL redundant files.
* The most complete removal of uninstalled programs.
* Remove broken uninstall links.
* Force the removal of software without their own uninstallers.
* Backup and restore registry.
* Live update with auto update.
* Fix broken registry links.
* Much faster than windows Add/Remove applet.
* Display detailed information about programs.
* URLs to programs help pages.
* Cleanse Uninstaller, fast easy and complete
* PC startup optimizer, make your computer boot much faster.
* Remove Trojans or adware that starts automatically with your computer.