ClearVue Suite 2.41 for Smartphone

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ClearVue Suite 2.41 for Smartphone

ClearVue Suite 2.41 for Smartphone

ClearVue Suite is a software bundle containing:
- ClearVue Presentation
- ClearVue Document
- ClearVue Worksheet
- ClearVue Image
- ClearVue PDF
Westtek ClearVue products support files created in Microsoft Office 1997 and later.

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ClearVue Presentation
Westtek's ClearVue Presentation for the Smartphone provides all the necessary tools to give a full-featured PowerPoint® presentation. Open and view native Microsoft® Office and PowerPoint files with ClearVue Presentation.
Includes support for the desktop Office timed transitions, custom animations and inserted charts, graphs, text and images. ClearVue Presentation, as well as all Westtek products, maintains the integrity and content of the original file. In other words, present the information just as planned. It's easy, fast and efficient which allots more time to spend with the audience.
Once the files have been transported to the device there is no need for a desktop connection. Along with having no requirement for any file conversion, ActivSync® filters or additional software this program is functional and simple to use from wherever the business is.

ClearVue Document
Westtek's ClearVue Document accesses original file content to make viewing simple. All documents will be opened with complete clarity eliminating the possibility for information to remain hidden when transferred to the Smartphone.
ClearVue Document opens and views native Microsoft® Office Word documents. Once ClearVue Document is installed there will be no requirement to maintain the use of additional file conversions, ActivSync® filters, or even a desktop connection.

ClearVue Worksheet
Used in conjunction with the Smartphone, Westtek's ClearVue Worksheet accesses important information organized in Microsoft® Excel graphs, charts and worksheets.
Once ClearVue Worksheet is installed there will be no requirement to maintain the use of additional file conversions, ActivSync® filters, or even a desktop connection. View worksheets attached to incoming email or from the Internet with the integrity of the original file. ClearVue gives complete access to data with complete mobility.

ClearVue Image
With Westtek's ClearVue Image, download, view and enjoy all digital images directly on the Smartphone.
This program features a comprehensive digital image solution for opening and viewing .BMP, .JPG and .PNG images. Expect a crisp display without any additional software, no file conversions, no ActivSync® filters and no need to be connected to a desktop.

ClearVue PDF
Open, view and print* PDF files received via email, downloaded from the Internet or transferred over the network on the Smartphone with Westtek's ClearVue PDF.
With the integrity of the original files in tact, the information can be accessed just as the author intended. ClearVue PDF does not require any file conversion, desktop connection or ActivSync® filters. All files are accessible from whenever and wherever.

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