ClipCache Pro v3.0.33

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ClipCache Pro v3.0.33

ClipCache Pro v3.0.33 | 1 Mb

Praised by both individual users and large companies alike for its extraordinary productivity enhancement capability, ClipCache is the best utility of its type available, and has site licenses in place with IBM, AT&T, Bosch, Cuna Mutual, BankFirst Corp, The Oregonian, The New Haven Register, Basler Electric, Short Line School as well as many other major corporations.

ClipCache is an easy to use and powerful clipboard extender and a whole lot more! It monitors clipboard activity and aids not only in the management of saved clips, but in cleaning up and modifying those clips in many, many useful ways. Now you can copy and store clips from emails or webpages and remove the annoying ">>>>" marks or huge gaps and spaces left when copying from webpages constructed with webtables.

Don't put up with the limitations of the standard windows Clipboard. Give ClipCache a try and see how it can improve your productivity.

ClipCache adopts a standard Windows look and feel (drag and drop, property pages, context menus) and is highly intuitive. ClipCache has been designed for various types of users. Those that wish to only navigate the clip history by the keyboard, and those that prefer to use the mouse.

The Problem: The Standard Windows Clipboard Just Isn't Enough


Whenever you use the standard Windows clipboard to cut and paste, only one item may be placed onto the clipboard at a time. Thus, copying an object to the clipboard deletes the clipboard's previous content. Microsoft Office 2000 is widely publicizing it's "improved clipboard" which now allows the clipboard to store a paltry 12 clips and offers very little additional functionality.

The Solution: ClipCache


With ClipCache installed on your system, this powerful utility sits quietly in the system tray, monitoring all clipboard activity. ClipCache automatically saves clipboard content so that the clips may then be retrieved minutes, hours or weeks later. Clips can be organized into folders. Text clips can be edited on the spot using any of the many handy cleanup functions available. ClipCache imposes no limits of the number of clips it can store.

ClipCache offers so much more than simply capturing the clipboard content. It's many utilities in one:

Clipboard Enhancer/Extender
Text editor and cleaner
Data/text storage and retrieval tool
Quick access to favorite clips
The highly configurable options cater for the individual needs of all kinds of users. If you prefer to use hotkeys, the system tray or the main program window, you can, they're all configurable.

ClipCache's main window is divided up into three separate areas:

Folder pane displays folders and subfolders
Clip pane lists the clips in the selected folder
Preview pane displays the selected clip
Folders help you to organise and categorise your clips. You can drag and drop clips between folders. Folders also have properties that allow you to maintain the size of each folder. For example you could customize the "My Clips" folder to store a maximum of 500 clips, ClipCache automatically checks and deletes older clips. The Clip Pane lists all the clips in the selected folder. This pane may be sorted by clicking on any of the columns headers: name, size, format, date, etc.. Clips may be dragged to different applications that support drag and drop.

Retrieving Clips


ClipCache can automatically paste into a program without you having to press Ctrl+V. There are several convenient ways to retrieve previously captured clips.

ClipCache Main Window
As you would expect, all clips are available from the main window.
A convenient list of folders and clips that can be navigated by keyboard or mouse. The list appears either near where you are typing or near the mouse, the choice is yours.
Favorite Clips
Each clip can be assigned a Favorite Label. When the Favorite Hotkey is pressed, ClipCache displays a list of favorite clips that can be quickly searched.
Recent Clip List
Any clip recently captured can be quickly retrieved by pressing the Recent Clip List Up or Down hotkey.
System Tray
The ClipCache tray icon conveniently displays clips ready for pasting. There are two tyles, ClipMenu style or the classic style.
Powerful Pasting


PowerPaste is similar to QuickPaste but the next (or previous) clip in the Clip Pane is automatically selected ready for pasting, this is ideal for form filling. In other words, PowerPaste performs a series of pastes of consecutive clips from a folder, to the program you are working in. For example if you have clips that you frequently use to fill in an online form, ClipCache can help to fill it in without you having to select each clip yourself.
Clipboard Routing
If Clipboard Routing is enabled, then everything copied to the Windows Clipboard is automatically pasted into a chosen target application. Ideal for re-directing or collating snippets of information.
Text Editing


ClipCache's preview pane supports in-place editing. A context menu provides several commands, including Find and Replace. You can also create new text clips giving you sticky-note functionality.

Text clips can be merged into a single clip. The order of the clips to be merged can be specified, and any text can also be inserted between clips, including special

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