CMUD 1.12 Beta

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CMUD 1.12 Beta

CMUD 1.12 Beta | 14 Mb (Chiara's MUD Client)
The fastest and most versatile MUD client from the creator of zMUD

- Fast and Easy Scripting! -
- Compiled scripts are 2 to 10 times faster than zMUD.
- Vast majority of zMUD scripts run without any changes in CMUD.
- Compiling is performed behind the scenes. Your scripts just magically run faster.
- Scripts are saved to a new database format…no more corrupted settings!
- Scripts are automatically saved, even if your computer crashes.
- New scripting features such as #SWITCH and Named Arguments make scripts easier to understand.

Scripts can be shared!

- New Package Library allows you to quickly and easily share scripts with other players.
- Scripts can be searched based upon Category, MUD, or Author.
- Scripts can be rated so you can tell which scripts are the best.
- You can view comments about each script and add your own comment.
- Sort scripts based upon Name, Popularity, or Rating.

CMUD 1.12 Beta

Modern User Interface!

- Use any Windows XP theme to "skin" CMUD.
- New window docking system is more reliable than zMUD and offers features such as "fly out" panels.
- New toolbar systems allows you to create or customize toolbars with custom commands and buttons.
- Toolbars and docking layouts can be easily saved and loaded.

Much Much More!

- New "Smart" command line works better with MOOs and MUSHes
- New Editor can be docked with MUD windows and supports multiple-docked file tabs and HTML support.
- New Script Editor supports customizeable syntax highlighting, spellchecking, and more powerful user interface.
- Improved sound support allows up to 32 simultaneous sounds of any type, including WAV, MID, and MP3.
- Supports all major MUD protocols including ANSI, VT100, MXP, MSP, MCP, MCCP.

CMUD 1.12 Beta

Requirements :
- Windows XP SP2
- DirectX 9.x
- Windows Vista will be supported.
- 2 years of free upgrades.
- Discount available for qualified zMUD customers.