Colorful Email Creator v1 0

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Colorful Email Creator v1.0

Colorful Email Creator v1 0

Colorful Email Creator v1.0 | Size: 4.65 MB

Have you ever found that the common email created by Outlook Express is dull, redundant and tedious? Ever wanted to create emails that look livelier than standard emails? Would you like to add some thrill and experience to your email, a message that goes beyond text?

Well, look no further, Colorful Email Creator will easily give you all that and much more!

Colorful Email Creator creates colorful and lively email for you. With colorful Email Creator, you can write your email with beautiful styles, background, clipart and thousands of emoticons. You also can create your own distinguish handwritten signature and add it to you email.

Colorful Email Creator can also save your time and make you write your email more easy and quicker. It has common sentence library, which include many greeting sentence, head sentence and end sentences. You can add them or modify it as you like. You can also save your email as template and easily use it the next time.

Colorful Email Creator lets you take full control over what your emails look like. Whether you need to be formal or informal, or are feeling happy or sad, Colorful Email Creator's Web Gallery offers you a constantly updated collection of Letter backgrounds that fit every occasion. Go ahead, breathe some life into your emails!


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