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COMMUNICATE! DELUXE provides multi-line support for voice and fax messaging, as well as providing video motion detection and notification, video/audio e-mail, a comprehensive message center that allows you to create a customer specific communications history and remote administration. COMMUNICATE! DELUXE is the all-inone communications solution for your small business needs.

System Requirements:

Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, NT 4.0 workstation, or XP
Pentium 233* or higher
32+ MB RAM
Double-speed CD-ROM drive
Speakers, microphone and sound card
45 MB hard disk space
Compatible voice/speaker phone modem
E-mail service that uses SMTP/POP3 mail server
Internet connection (dial-up or direct)
Web Camera or video capture card with standalone video camera for video functions. (Must be compliant with Microsoft's Video for Windows) * Internet Video Phone requires Pentium 400 or higher.