Crannog NetFlow Tracker v2.1.4

Posted By: klol101
Crannog NetFlow Tracker v2.1.4

Crannog NetFlow Tracker v2.1.4
Win App | 34mb | RS.COM

NetFlow Tracker is used to capture full NetFlow / IPFIX traffic information, allowing significant in-depth application and protocol information analysis to take place including user, server and applications activity. Traffic views by user, user group, conversation, system and application are available.

Key Benefits
All the network, all the records, all the fields - all the time
NetFlow built-in to most Cisco routers and managed switches and easily enabled
All data conversations captured with per-minute resolution
Data storage and archiving up to 999 years
Delivers unmatched network forensics, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities
Multicast Support
Detailed network traffic visibility without probes or appliances
Traffic identification by deep packet inspection
Critical tool for today’s VOIP/IP Telephony and MPLS deployments